Monty Brian

Curator of Candlekeep headed north on a secret mission


Hill Dwarf Life Cleric in devotion to Oghma.

Character Sheet


Member of the librarians and researchers of Candlekeep, Monty does everything to protect the knowledge that has been gathered and stored there.

Before coming to Great Library, Monty was a mess. Having witnessed the killing of her family by a roving bad of orc, she went on a personal crusade of vengeance against all orcs in an attempt to honor her family. After suffering a great wound during an ambush she laid against some orcs, she stumbled into the nearest town, passing out at the steps of a temple.

She awoke to find a priest of Oghma standing over her, now cured of all her ailments. The priest talks to her and in the course of that discussion, and more that followed, she was able to convince Monty to move past the feelings of hate and vengeance and join the Oghma faith. She seemed to be specially blessed by Oghma as she was soon called to Candlekeep where further training could be done for this gifted learner.

Monty Brian

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